In-class Teacher Training Courses in Bangalore

In Class Program

If online Montessori teacher training is not something that you are sure about and would wish to seek classroom training then we provide you with that option as well. If you are in Chennai and are worried about not finding the right, high-quality classroom Montessori teacher training course then well, worry no more because IIMTT has its very own teacher training centre at Chitlapakkam!

Why Choose In Class Program from Atheneum Global

Accredited by Montessori Establishments

It is a certified member of the International Montessori Council (IMC), USA and even the International Montessori Society (IMS), USA. Besides we are among the few teacher training course providers that are ISO certified as well.

AV Classroom

Our classrooms are equipped with quality material so that you get to grasp all Montessori concepts thoroughly through our audio-video format plus you will have our material available online for you to access it anytime, at your convenience.

Montessori Internship Offers

Our industry linkages and international credentials help you land internships in Montessori schools you desire to work for! A personalized letter from us for internships is the beginning to you prosperous career as a Montessori teacher.

Full-fledged Montessori Curriculum

Not all course-providers help you construct and decode ‘albums’ which are guides to Montessori teaching. We are one of the few Montessori Teacher Training Colleges that focus on albums and practice teaching that uplift your teaching skills.

Affordable quality Montessori Training

At our affordable prices you are getting courses that are universally recognized and accredited from renowned international colleges. So your anxious hunt for industry-relevant, cheaper Montessori courses can finally come to a rest!

Montessori education

You will be trained on the highest concepts of Montessori philosolpy

Our in-class Montessori teacher training sessions help you meet a dynamic group, just as eager to become successful Montessori guides and mentors to young minds.

With such Montessori training you will better perform the roles of not just a teacher but one close to a mother to every child that learns under your guidance.

In Class Benefits

1. In Depth Training:

With our faculty having full expertise on how to guide you through the wonderful journey of becoming a valuable teacher, you will also be able to interact with peers and take notes on how to improve you skillset steadily.

Not just that we provide extensive collection of material which include theory and practical videos, demonstration videos on practice teaching and even sample albums & practice record notes.

2. Perfect Duration for all-round Development

IIMTT Course Duration
Diploma in MTT (Regular Batch) 6 months to a year
Diploma in MTT (Weekend Batch) 1 year
Diploma in Advance MTT 6 months to a year

The advanced diploma is for the ones who have completed their regular diploma in MTT and wish to further broaden their skillset and gain more knowledge on the sea of information that early childhood education contains.



Interactive AV Classroom

Our chapter-wise lessons and professionals from the industry will help you in an AV setting that makes the overall learning experience more interactive and collaborative.

More and more material can be shared and stored at a faster rate and in a better way allowing much room for practical training.

Web and mobile based assessment to brush up your learnt lessons

We even offer you the benefit of online assessment to thoroughly cement the Montessori concepts into your mind.

IIMTT provides every applicant a student portal online from where the student can take web and mobile based assessment of wide range of core lessons with that you have learnt in class.

How to enroll? Vist us at Chitlapakkam or Contact us

Now that you are caught up on all the benefits of our IIMTT in-class Montessori teacher training program all you have to do is either contact us via mail or call or you could just drop by the centre at Chitlapakkam where you will be given further details on the training sessions.

Chennai, it’s time to take that leap of world-class training with IIMTT and turn to reality your teaching aspirations!

Accreditation and Affiliations

Atheneum Global Teacher Training College has both national as well as international accreditations which makes it one of the leading teacher training course providers. From being one of the few training and development organizations that is ISO certified to being members of international colleges and associations, Atheneum is globally recognized!

We are also proud members of The International Montessori Council (IMC,) USA and The International Montessori Society (IMS), USA who are dedicated towards designing policies that ensure expected teaching standards are met while imparting Montessori education.

Additionally, Atheneum Global Teacher Training College is an institutional member of The College of Teachers (The Chartered College of Teachers) and Atheneum Global Teacher Training College is affiliated with London Teacher Training College which is a renowned Teacher Training College known for its remarkable, quality teaching.

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