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About Us

About Us

Atheneum Global Teacher Training College is a highly-acclaimed teacher training course provider that aims to be able to shape impactful teachers and mentors for educational institutions across the world. We are an accredited course provider who truly believe that teaching is a form of art and that it requires immense dedication and diverse range of skills. Atheneum’s teacher training courses which are now available for students of Chennai as well will help you hone those skills with ease!

At Atheneum we are committed to giving you the best of our teacher training facilities with our vast and effective curriculum that focuses on you being ideal mentors to your students. All our courses from Montessori training to pre-primary and nursery, CDA and English teacher training courses are designed with perfection with its in-depth processes, quality techniques that once you avail, make you capable of shining as an educator in any educational setting with ease!

Searching for high-quality online or in-class teacher training programs in Chennai but are prices marking themselves as an obstacle to your dream career? Well your search ends here because we at Atheneum value the essence of a truly effective course and want it to reach as many aspiring teachers as possible! We understand your dilemma and in the light of this issue we have set our course prices at reasonable range.

Atheneum also assists you with regard to placements and also believes that personalized training helps you offer better guidance to your students. Owning to our reputation of being an international leader in advanced teacher preparation with a worldwide network of training colleges we make sure to prepare our future teachers for a stellar career as mentors and guides with a genuinely global perspective.

At Atheneum our sole motto is to bring you closer towards actualizing your aspirations.

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